Resource Management Strategies Inc. has been providing sustainable landscape training for the past 8 years. Our training courses provide the knowledge and skills needed to enhance sustainable outreach and education programs as well as value added technical knowledge for industry professionals. We are currently offering two training courses:

1. Sustainable Landscaping

This course covers the technical basics of sustainable landscaping including; water conservation, rain gardens, native plants, soil conservation, natural lawn care, lawn alternatives, plant selection and natural weed and insect prevention and control. The course also addresses how to communicate with homeowners about implementing sustainable practices with the application of Community-based Social Marketing and social psychology principles and techniques.

We offer a variety of training modules for this course that can be combined for customized training course content and timing  to meet our client’s needs. Courses are generally delivered in one, two or three day lengths.

2. The Art of Selling Nature

Are your programs seeing lackluster results? Are you looking for new ways to engage audiences in conservation and sustainable programs? Municipalities offer a diverse variety of outreach and education opportunities to stakeholders, but they often see limited uptake and engagement.  Rethinking the way in which you market conservation messages and programs to stakeholder’s results in engagement of new audiences, revived interest in past participants and overall increases in program success.  

This course will examine the common pitfalls of public education and outreach programs and how to effectively apply traditional marketing techniques, market research and social psychology for best results. Our experiences in conservation, restoration and sustainability are combined with our skills in marketing and outreach to deliver a unique training and cost effective experience for environmental professionals. 

Our training courses are designed to be interactive with opportunities for participants to apply the concepts and technical information through various scenarios and situations. Please contact us to discuss your training needs at or call us direct at 416-550-4154.