RMSi offers a wide range of seminar topics that are suitable for garden and horticultural societies, home shows, conferences, trade shows, community events and municipal and conservation authority education and outreach programs. Our speakers bring excitement and humour to their talks, making sure that the audience is being engaged while they learn. The topics and delivery are created to make traditional sustainable topics entertaining and fun while ensuring the important messages are delivered.

Retire Your Lawnmower - Are you tired of your boring, high maintenance lawn? This seminar will look at easy alternatives for your lawn.

Prescription Landscaping: An interesting look at some unsuspecting ways your landscape can improve the health of you, your family and the planet, while being the envy of your neighbours.

Top 20 Easy Plants: This seminar will look at 20 really easy plants that everybody can grow. These plants are no fuss, low maintenance plants will shine in your garden and make you "grow" to love them.

Xeriscaping 101: The latest trend in stylish landscapes. Imagine a garden that basically takes care of itself!  Whether hot and dry or cool and wet, these trendy new gardens are simple, easy, require little water and look fabulous!

Treasures and Trolls: From the sublime to the slimy, a look at hidden gems and avoidable nuisances for your garden. The “Must Haves” and “Don’t Bothers” for a great, low maintenance garden.

Dazzling Native Plants:  A look at the best native plants for use in urban gardens for stunning results.

Garden Maintenance Shortcuts: As much as we love to garden, we also love to save time and energy. Learn some great tips and tricks to maintain your landscapes with less effort and more wow!

Debunking common garden myths: Dealing with all those rumours. Are you not sure if you are doing the right thing in your landscape? This seminar will look at the common myths of landscape maintenance. You just might be causing your garden more harm than good.

Garden Ecology: How to solve garden problems like Mother Nature! Using basic ecological principles, learn to make your garden look great, with little effort. Let Mother Nature do the work.

Water Efficient Landscapes: Learn how to build and maintain a great looking lawn and garden that don’t need constant watering.

Lawn Care 101: The basics to building and maintaining a great lawn.

Lawns you’ll Love: Learn how to manage your lawn so it successfully pulls through the dry times of our changing climate.

Create Flair in your landscape with Form and function: A look at ways you can design your landscape with such features and sunken gardens and dry river beds that add beauty and have purpose.

Sunken Gardens: Learn how to use sunken gardens, or rain gardens to create a great landscape feature, while maximizing use of rain on your property.